9 hacks for your composite card

9 things you should know about comp cards

Sedcard Tipps 1

#1: Colour vs. black and white

The perfect cover photo should be in colour, so the viewer or customer can immediately identify the colour of your hair, skin and eyes. That is the reason why photos in black and white are not suited to be used as a cover photo.

Sedcard Tipps 2

#2: Maintain eye contact

Eye contact with the viewer helps them creating a connection to you. Looking away or even turning your head the other way causes the client to focus on other things like the clothes or the surroundings (you can find more tips on how to pose in the new book).

Sedcard Tips 3

#3: Flaws must not be hidden

Too much makeup, hair or hats covering half of your face, sunglasses and elaborate photoshopping should be avoided on the cover. Agencies want a clear impression of your face upon seeing you for the first time.

Sedcard Tips 4

#4: The right details

Photos that show you from afar or focus too much on the surroundings should be placed on the back page of your sedcard. On the front page, your face needs to be visible.

Sedcard Tip 5

#5: Your name

Your name should be easy to read, even from far away. It would therefore be advisable to write it in capitals or to use a short form. ANNA W. takes much less space than your whole name. The new sedcard designer offers you enough space to put your full name on the back page of your sedcard.

Sedcard Tipps 6

#6: Design

Most sedcards are white, black or grey to make every photo seem very vivid. A colourful background works well if it harmonises with the cover photo. Background colour and font colour should always differ from each other.

Sedcard Tipps 7

#7: KG or POUND

In Europe, height and weight are often stated in centimetres and kilograms, whereas inches and pounds are used in the U.S. Our new online designer allows you to decide for yourself which metric system you want to use.

Sedcard Tipps 8

#8: Variations

In case you are not creating the content of your sedcard with Polaroids, you should make sure that your photos look versatile. You can also assign themes to your sedcards. One for fashion, sports, business, commercial, and so on.

Sedcard Tipps 9

#9: Measurements on the sedcard

If you lie on your sedcard about your measurements, worst case is that you have to pay for the journey and all other expenses yourself. It is smart to update your photos and details every six months since they can be out of date really quick.